Monday, April 12, 2010

Life can be Hard

Dan is eating lots better. In fact he is eating a lot. That is great. A few days after getting home from Seattle he had a setback. One evening he was very confused and sorta unaware of things. When I asked him questions I was not getting the right response. Not even close.

I e-mailed his doctor at Virgina Mason. She said to start him on some steriods if I had some left from before. I did, so I did. He had an appt. at the cancer center here a couple days later with the main doctor. Still confused, but not quite as much. He upped his steriods and gave me a schedule to taper off them after a bit. They must have worked, things are getting better.

Still a bit slow, but able to have conversations now and do a few things. He even mowed the lawn. I did the trimmer. I don't trust him around my flowers. I would have none left. Every day is a bit better. It is slow, but at least there is progress.

Again, Thanks to all the people who have come and helped me out with things. Our son, Kris leaves Saturday to go back to school. I knew I couldn't keep up with things around here by myself, so I have a young man living here now to help out. He is taking a few classes at CBC and preparing to go on his mission for the church. He will be a LIFESAVER!!!!