Saturday, February 27, 2010


Brought Dan home yesterday evening. Got some new meds. He is eating lots better. Still dealing with some bloating, but not like it was. He gets tired very quickly. Just no energy at all. So now we will concentrate on getting some energy back. It will take a while.

Thanks to all the people who helped out last week. It's been a pretty rough three weeks getting everything figured out and taken care of. My brother Ken & his wife Vicki were great. I would not have made it thru all this without them.

Still trying to figure out how to sneak my dog Max, into hospitals. He would love to visit the people. I just don't have time right now to actually turn him into a "Therapy Dog".

Wish us a good week

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More New News

Sunday, Dan's bloating and feeling terrible got bad enough I took him to the E.R. again. E.R. doc said it sounded like an esphogus problem. The on-call G.I. doc said to go ahead and admit him. (I was glad) Monday they stuck a scope down his throat to see what was going on. He does have an infection down there. Affects swallowing and such. So they are treating that and giving him appetiate stimulants. (doesn't marajuana do that? It is leagal in this state for medical use.) They won't release him till he is eating better.
He is bored in the hospital, but that is better than driving me crazy at home. Maybe I can sneak my dog, Max in or an alpaca. Just a thought.
I know I didn't spell everything correctly, but I don't care right now. :-]

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Been a while since I have posted anything. Dan caught some bug that gave him a low grade temp. So this set back his five days of major chemo a week. In that week he had a difficult time eating. Nothing tasted good. Stomache was bloated and food just seemed to stop halfway down. More weight loss. He doesn't have any extra weight to lose. So off to doctor we go. Did a x-ray of stomach, results not sure. Did bloodwork for cat scan of abs. Wait for results of bloodwork before can do cat scan. Tired of waiting. Saturday morning go to E.R. because it was getting so bad. While there doctor calls with bloodwork results, brings them over and Dan gets cat scan done. No blockage, sent home with perscription to help bloating. It worked he felt much better.
Monday afternoon he started having a severe anixity attack. (I'm talking really bad). Off to E.R. again. They gave him an IV with relaxer stuff in it. Sent home with another perscription. Had to take some during the day on Tuesday. Then it started getting bad again. I'm calling the on call doctor to find out how many I can give him. Finally got it calmed down.
Doctor appts. on Wednesday. Bloodwork looks good. What is causing these attacks? Reaction to drug to help bloated stomach. Off that drug. No more anxity. Some bloating and those problems come back.
Started high dose of chemo Wednesday. Wants to sleep A LOT. Doctor told him he needs to EAT. Can not lose any more weight. I go to store today to buy high calorie foods for him. Cookies, pies, turnovers. It was weird to be checking calorie count to see if they were high enough. Note to anyone on a diet. Stay away from really good pot pies. Over 500 calories a pie! I bought a lot of those.