Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is the hardest thing I have ever done. My family and friends have been great. The few friends I called Monday dropped everything and came running to be with me. I can not thank them enough. They made that day and moment easier fo me. At times I stop and think "whatever am I going to do"? Dan supported me in EVERYTHING I did and allowed me to have my adventures. I know he is still there supporting me and wants me to continue enjoying life and having my crazy adventures. My knowledge and testimony of the gospel and the atonement will get me thru this.

I miss him so much.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Dan's funeral will be held on Saturday July 31. Burbank L.D.S. (Mormon) church building at 11:00 a.m. Viewing is Friday, July 30 from 3:00 to 8:00 at Mullers funeral home in Pasco and on Saturday from 10:00 to 10:45.
I already miss him so much. We did so many things together. Who is going to help carry some of my stuff when I go backpacking now? I feel so lonely. My dog, Max won't let me out of his sight. He was right there the whole time. Up on Dan's bed with him or on the big bed by it. I am so blessed to have such a special dog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Greener Pastures

Dan passed away around 5:00 pm today. The seizures were continuing and he was in lots of pain. The Hospice people were so very helpful. I called them many times. He was getting quite a bit of morphine and something to help with the seizures. All the guys from his shift came to visit either yesterday or today. He also had many other visitors. I know he was aware of the people who came. The morphine had him pretty much out. He was not in pain any more and resting peacefully and calmly. Even our dog Max was there with him. Thank you everyone. I will post info on services.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

F.C. cont.

It has been a long rough day. Some of the deputies he worked with came by for a visit. He enjoyed that. He likes visitors. So please come see him.

We do not know how long. Days, weeks, momths? I'll try to keep this updated. I'm falling asleep in my chair at the computer. Thank you to all who have helped and those who have offered and those who will be helping.

F.C. cont.

Arrangements were made for Hospice down here to contact us and start helping. They came in today to fill out paperwork and go over things. Dan had been having a rough day. What I thought were muscle spasms were actually seizures. Over and over. I'm glad the hospice nurse was there when some were going on. She drove clear back to Walla Walla to get the meds we needed.

Seizures continued. Also pain with them. It is very hard to watch him go through this. We need to get the two under controll so he can be more comfotable.

F.C. continued

On Tuesday they thought Dan had a acute stroke. While nurses were checking vitals he had a bright red bloody stool and was non responsive. Later determined to be a seizure. They did a cat scan right away. Showed nothing. MRI the next morning. Not good.

It showed the cancer is spreading through the brain. This is taking such a toll on Dan's body {as you can tell from the last few months blog posts.} We do not want to put his body through any more. I told them I just wanted to take him home.

Final Chapter

We are home. Dan's MRI he had on Tuesday did not show good things. The cancer has growen and spread. Nothing can be done. We have brought him home. Hospice is already helping. This is going to be my roughest road yet.

Our fire district made arrangements to come pick him up and transport him back home. What a great district we have. And a big thank you to Walla Walla city for doing ambulance coverage for us.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dan's blood levels are all staying stable. This means no more blood loss. Vital signs are all stable. They are talking about discharging him tomorrow to a skilled nursing facility. If things stay good this will be the plan.

He is very weak. Do not know how long he will need to be in rehab. His rehab will be done up in the Seattle area.

Thenks to anyone and all who are keeping the "home fires" going at my place.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dan was moved out of CCU on Sunday. His blood counts are all staying stable. He has had a few more bloody stools, one which was bright red. Not sure what caused this. They have done different tests and scheduled for a colonoscopy in the morning.

When he is discharged he will be doing his rehab in a skilled nursing facility up here. So, as to when he will be home? I don't know. I do know that this hospital will not discharge him until they are satisfied they have the problem taken care of.

If you are up in this area he stop in for a visit. He is in room 755.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Off to V.M.

Dan is now at Virgina Mason in Seattle. I recieved a call about 2:30 a.m. He was having more bloody stools. They called a doctor in a did another endoscope, plus two more units of blood and plattlets. Decieded he needed a procedure that was better done in Seattle. Since he had lost so much blood and blood pressure was unstable. He will be flown there by fixed wing med-star. {Damn, i going to really wish I had got around to buying that med-star insurance}

So, I go home to get my stuff together, pick up my Mom and we head to Seattle. Dan gets a nice plane ride with people attending to his every need. He is settled in and they will watch him overnight. In the morning probably another endoscope then see if the other procedure is needed. Most likely will be.

Will contact his cancer doctor here to let her know. No idea how long we will be here. Hopefully not long. Hopefully they will fix the problem and he can go home in a few days. We are just taking each moment at a time.

Thank you to everyone who is helping out with anything. Keep in touch. When I get this bill we might be accepting donations.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Dan is still in hospital. He had another bloody stool this morning. So another endoscope and more clips on ulcer. In a normal person these would be working. Dan is not normal. {we knew that a long time ago} Right now he bleeds too easily. We will see if these ones work.

Physical therapist did work with his legs a bit this morning. Gave him some stuff he can do on his own. Thru all this Dan remains in good spirits most of the time. Come visit him

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Might be discharged tomorrow. Everything is looking real good. He won't start getting therapy untill Monday though. He will need to work real hard. Then maybe he can come home soon. I miss him here.

Thanks to family, friends and others who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. Many times that is the only thing that keeps me going. Also I know my Father in Heaven is there with me helping me thru this.

My Uncle Burton called me today. It made my day. If Dan is well enough maybe we will go down to McCloud CA to visit him. Fresh mt air and a gorgeous place. I love it there.

Slowly but Surely

Good day today. Dan's blood counts are going up. Looks like they might have got the bleeding ulcer taken care of. Swelling in legs and feet is practically gone. Dan has really skinny legs now. He is still very very weak. Will need physical therapy for a bit to regain strength.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


One more thing. Please excuse any spelling and/or grammer errors. I'm getting to the point where I somewhat just don't care. Not as picky as I use to be.

Back continued

Dan welcomes visitors. He is in room 4442. Maybe call first to see if he is still there. If not he enjoys visitors at Avalon too. Room 38.

As if I'm not having enough stress. I come home this evening and a sprinkler head on the wheel line has blown off! OK, I can handle this. Where did I put my anxiety, stress pills?????????

Back continued

Wednesday morning. More bloody stools. In for another endoscope. This time it showed active bleeding ulcers. They did something to it. {I have the name written down at the hospital. I'm home.} We will see if this does the trick. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

As for his swelling. Way down. He has boney knees once again. Urine output has decreased. Since Sunday he has recieved a total of six units of blood. Add that to last weeks four and you get ten total. WOW!

Thru all this Dan continues to feel good. He is confused at time. Some of this is his normal confusion and some is from everything that has been going on. His blood sugar counts look good. They go up after he ears, but that is to be expected.

Back continued

Tuesday another bloody stool. Could just be leftover in the intestines. Swelling in legs and feet is way way down. They are giving him lasix to help with this. It is working. His urine output is really up. This is to be expected. They are keeping close tabs on this to make sure his kidneys are doing ok. Also getting meds to help protect and coat stomach.

Back contiued

{I am doing this in segments because my computor is giving me fits.}

Monday morning he had another endoscope done. This showed some very angry ulcers. Not bleeding at the moment, but definatly had been. They put some clips on them to hopefully stop any further bleeding.


I'm stinkin tired. Dan is back in hospital. Yes, he was just discharged on Friday. Everything was looking really good. Sunday he had dark bloody stool. This usually indicates a bleed in the stomach. His blood counts were down also. So, off to hospital he goes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Get Out of Bed"

Dan was discharged from the hospital yesterday and sent back to Avalon Health and Rehab center. He is doing much much better. The swelling is going down and he is more alert. Monday they will start physical therapy with him.

Today I got him out of bed twice and had him sit in a chair. I even took him down to the shower room and gave him a shower. Not quite as fun as when we were younger!

Tomorrow I plan on having him get out of bed some more. I am hoping to even have him use the walker a tiny bit. He does want to be wheeled down to the dining room to have his meals. Hope he doesn't start a wild food fight.

"Get Out of Bed"


Thursday, July 8, 2010


They did an endoscopy on Dan tody. It showed some ulcers in stomach. They currantly were not bleeding. Most likely had been and this was why he was so anemic. He is continuing to improve. Still lots of swelling on feet and legs. This will all take time to go away. They ae giving him laxic to help.

He is able to move his legs more and more. This is encouraging to him. He is eating well and food has a taste again. At one blood sugar check today it was 98. WOW, within a normal range.

Tomorrow they will try getting him out of bed. I am hoping he will be strong enough to go home instead of back to the rehab place. I find it depressing, sad and sorta stinky.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers, visits, and help around our place. Keep up all this.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in the hospital

Dan is in hospital again. This morning at the rehab center they did his labs. He was very, very anemic and his platletts were real real low. The nurse called the doctor; who only comes in on Fridays, he said take him to the ER. The doctor also called his doctor in Seattle and the cancer center here. I talked to his primary care doctor. So, hopefully now all his doctors are on the same page in the same book.

He was admitted to the hospital. He was given four units of blood! He was already looking and feeling better after the first one. He is lots perkier than he has been a week. Things were starting to look better.

I was going to stay the night with him but, deacided to come home, take shower, clean up, make list for peoples of things that need done around my place and get some sleep. Will go back first thing in the morning. They will do some more tests then. They think he is bleeding somewhere internally, but where?

He welcomes visitors. Kadlec hospital in Richland. Room 6609

Monday, July 5, 2010

Life Can Be Really Hard

I am way behind on posting things on this. I will try to do better. Here is what has been happening.

After Seattle and his little setback, Dan started improving. He gained weight, was eating really good and got some strength back. He was able to do some things around the place. Mow lawn, do things some tractor work, even a bit of house work.

Memorial Day he started getting disoriented again. Swelling in Brain? I called his Dr. at the cancer center here and she had me start him on the steriods. Then we saw her a few days later and she set up a schedule for him to taper off of them. Things improved some, but he was very weak and tierd easily. His feet and lower legs were swelling. Big question is why?

July 21st he had an appt. Virgina Mason for his three month MRI and visit with Dr. Taylor. After that we had a planned trip to the San Juan Islands for a few days. My parents went with us. His MRI looked good. No new growth. It did show some scarring from treatment and there is some damage. That was to be expected. Dr. Taylor was puzzled as to why he was not doing better though. The swelling was from the steriods.

We went on up to Orcas Island where we had rented a small vacation cottage right on the water front. I have been there before and really enjoyed it.

By now Dan was using a cane to get around the cottage and a walker for anything else. Each day he seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. Sleeping more and more. By the last day he could not even lift his feet off the ground. He would sit down and we would move his legs to where they needed to be.

We came home on a Saturday. It took three people to get him in the house. He went straight to bed and sleep. Sunday he stayed in bed all day. Monday morning I called both the cancer center and his regular doctor. I took him t his regular doctor that afternoon.

When I told her what had been going on and all his signs and symtoms he checked his blood sugar level. It was over 600 there. She immeadiatly sent us to the ER right across the street and called to tell them we were coming. We got lots of attention quickly. In the ER his blood sugar was 900! Very scary! The high blood sugar did explain a whole lot though.

His was admitted, and got to stay on the newly opened sixth floor. There they gave him fluilds and insulin through IVs. His level started coming down. Still high, but not as scary. This also was caused by the steriods.

He was discharged on Saturday and sent to Avalon nursing facility and rehabilitation center. Here they will do physical therapy with him to get the use of his legs back. He is done with the steriods, but it takes a bit for it to clear out of the body. He is swolled almost all over his body now.

The nursing center is not as nice as the hospital. I have put a few thing in his room to try and make it more home like. Visitors are welcome and even encouraged. They even allow pets, so I can bring Max to see him. {Max is our big black dog} I don't know how long he will be there. I'm thinking at least two weeks. It could be longer, but I hope not.

In the meantime, I am getting by. The young man Reed, who has been staying with us has been a great help. I'm sure this will be a good experience that will help him while he is on his mission. He will be going back home in a couple weeks and then Kris {our son} will be here for a month with a break from college. After that, well I just am planning on Dan being tons better. {if I just plan on it, it will happen right?}

I am plan on doing a better job of posting things. Sometimes it might be about different stuff, but hey read it anyway. Some day I will be a famous author!