Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Six Days Left

Six days of radiation left. Dan is doing really good. Lot's of energy. Eating a lot of food. He even put on some weight. Making plans for fun things to do now that he is retired. He is sleeping a little bit longer. Which is good. Once he is off the steriods, sleep should be easier. The doctor is reducing his steriod intake by half a pill a week. Not good to go off them suddenly. Bad things happen. The local newspaper did a article on him last week. {I am not letting all this attention go to his head.} Life has really changed for us both. We are adapting. Yesterday I decided it would be great to go spend some time on the San Juan Islands when school gets out in June. So that is the plan. I love it, no more planning around Dan's work schedule. Hmm, what else should we do???


  1. You should go to lake Powell!!!! I know someone who has a house boat available in Aug.