Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More New News

Sunday, Dan's bloating and feeling terrible got bad enough I took him to the E.R. again. E.R. doc said it sounded like an esphogus problem. The on-call G.I. doc said to go ahead and admit him. (I was glad) Monday they stuck a scope down his throat to see what was going on. He does have an infection down there. Affects swallowing and such. So they are treating that and giving him appetiate stimulants. (doesn't marajuana do that? It is leagal in this state for medical use.) They won't release him till he is eating better.
He is bored in the hospital, but that is better than driving me crazy at home. Maybe I can sneak my dog, Max in or an alpaca. Just a thought.
I know I didn't spell everything correctly, but I don't care right now. :-]

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