Monday, December 7, 2009


A bit of a rough weekend. I should be grateful though, it could be a lot worse. Starting slightly Friday evening Dan started being a little confused and having a hard time expressing himself. Sunday it was bad enough that I called the cancer center, they suggested taking him to the E.R. room. So I did. One I.V., some meds and a priesthood blessing later we went home.
Every Monday before Dan's treatment he meets with the Dr. He was aware of what had happened on Sunday. Most likely what is causing this is some inflamation and the tumor getting a little shook up. Add to the med list. Hopefully Dan will be a bit back to normal soon.
I have told him no driving till I say so. So friends and family are taking turns driving him to his appointments. I hope we both survive this week. In the meantime my favorite, opps I mean Dan's favorite treat is M&Ms.

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