Friday, November 27, 2009


Here it is: Slight problems started a year ago. Visit to dr., then nuerolegist, nuero surgeon. First MRI showed fuzzy area on left side of brain. Futher MRIs same thing. No change. Had a biopsy done in early March 2009. Results came back somewhat inconclusive. Not cancerous cells though. Follow up with MRI every three months to keep an eye on it. Around August, Dan started getting some numbness in foot. Went to doctors about it. Did some tests. Was told it was related to the back. Sept. MRI showed nothing new. In October Dan went to Doctor and told them he wanted to go to Seattle to see what they thought. So off we went to Virgina Mason Hospital. Met with a Dr. Taylor there. Within ten minutes she was able to tell us what was happening. On Sept. MRI she saw a new definite spot. I even saw it. Everything indicated a gleanoma [tumor] of the brain. She pointed out the area on a brain model. Explained everything very well. She recommended a biopsy. Now had a definite spot to aim for. Next meet with the nuero surgeon. He agreed with Dr. Taylor. Scheduled a biopsy. Had the biopsy a week later, than results a week after that.
Results were: Grade three gleanoma. As the surgeon said "A hell of a lot better than a grade four." So then a plan to take care of this. Six weeks of radiation and chemo. This can be done in the Tri-Cities. It will be monitered by Dr. Taylor.
Since this is a "brain cancer" it put Dan on a permanent disability. No more work. He has enough years in with the sheriff's dept to retire, but he did want to put in a few more years and then pick up another job for a bit. Not an option anymore.
So I hope I didn't forget anything.
Right now Dan is doing really good. The fact that he can't work anymore was a surprise. Unless you live with him day to day you wouldn't know there was anything wrong. As the treatments continue he might get tired. I plan on getting as much work out of him as posible before that happens.


  1. Ok, I finally go the link copied and it worked for me. Glad he can get the treatment closer to home. You're in our prayers. The police force will miss him!

  2. Sam, it is a BIG blessing for the treatment to be here in the Tri-Cities; no travel every week. We will continue to pray for the surgeon's and all his caretakers' skill; for Dan's strength; and for peace for both of you.

  3. We wish Dan a speedy recovery and will have Dan and you in our prayers.

    George Stotz a BK WA III member.

  4. Subscribed to the feed so I can stay in the loop. Hope things go well for Dan and that you can hang in there.