Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back Home

Dan was releashed from Virgina Mason Hospital Saturday morning. They have a technical term for his problem, but it tranlates to "paralyzed gut". Why his stomach did this is anyones guess. The treatment is a simple antibiotic call erthmyacin. One of the "side effects" of this med is that it makes your stomach work overtime. So, if your stomach isn't working at all, shazam!!!!! Weird to take a med for it's side effect.

So, Dan is home, eating and working on regaining his strength. I'm guessing it will take at least a month. Also, his white blood cell count was way low. So, he has to be real careful about germs. Very vulnerable right now. That means he can't help me with my yard work and new flower beds. Oh wait, he never did anyway.

They have also said "no more chemo". YEA!!!!! It was just to hard on him. The radiation and chemo during that is the main blast to the cancer. The next rounds of high dosage of chemo isn't effective enough to make it worth having him so sick.

Now to get him strong again so we can do all the things we want to do. Like, camping, backpacking, scuba, trips, motorcycle rides...... the list is very long.

Thanks to all the family and friends who helped during that diffucult month. Don't think we don't need any more help though. We do. I promise I won't make you bath my dog though.

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