Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dan is in Seattle at the Virgina Mason hospital right now. He had an appt. with his cancer doctor up there on Tuesday with a MRI first. The MRI looked good. The tumor is not growing. It is responding just like they want it to. That was good news. But we have been fighting this stomach bloating issue for a month and a half. His primary care doctor here is stumped. When he saw his cancer doctor here in Tri-Cities last Friday he was so weak and dehydrated she sent him straight to the ER. They admitted him, got him hydrated with IVs, then sent him home Sunday night. Even though he still wasn't eating. [stupid hospital]

Tuesday during his appt in Seattle he was very bloated. We had just had lunch. He only ate an yogurt. His cancer doctor there was very concered about this. Especially him not getting any nutrtion. So she had him admitted there. Virgina Mason hospital is one of the best for gastrol in the country.

So finally a hospital who is making sure he gets the nutrients he needs, even though it is in IVs. They are doing more tests and hopefully will find reasons, answers and solutions.

Of course this has delayed his nexct round of chemo. He needs to regain some strength. He has an awesome view from his room up on the 17th floor. My Mom is up there with him right now. I had to come back home to hold down the fort. I am going up tomorrow.

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