Thursday, March 4, 2010

There and Back

Went to ER again Tuesday morning. Dan got out of bed that morning and his legs would not support him. He collasped. I was at work. He called me and I listned to part of his message on my cell phone. Quit listening and called Kris to go check on Dad. Then I told Kris to call the ambulance. Dan tried to say he didn't need it. I overruled him.

So off to ER once again. This time by ambulance. They did bloodwork and a cat scan of head. Nothing. Tried to tell me I could take him home. Wrong.... Meanwhile I'm calling his other doctors to see what I should do. They say nuerologist. I tell ER he needs a nuerologist. They admit him. Also his regular nuero doctor sees him. She orders some more tests. Cat scan of spine looks good, brain wave looks good, MRI of brain looks a little better than the last one in Dec. So nothing major going on. GOOD!!!!!

Wednesday he is doing much better and even tried getting out of bed by himself. We all yelled at him. He is also eating a whole lot better. Appetite is back and he can taste his food again. Orders lots of ice cream from the cafateria.

Today is Thursday. I brought him home. He needs to take it pretty easy until some of his strength returns. I'm thinking he is starting to understand this concept. I have threatened to duck tape him to a tree if I need to. {That could be bad. The dogs might pee on his leg then.}

So we are taking things slowly. I am making a list for when people say "what can we do to help you". If anyone is interested; this Saturday some people from our church and the posse are coming at 8:00 in the morning to put up our loafing shed that we need for the alpacas. I did give my dog a bath, so that is crossed off the list....for a while anyway!

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