Saturday, July 17, 2010

Off to V.M.

Dan is now at Virgina Mason in Seattle. I recieved a call about 2:30 a.m. He was having more bloody stools. They called a doctor in a did another endoscope, plus two more units of blood and plattlets. Decieded he needed a procedure that was better done in Seattle. Since he had lost so much blood and blood pressure was unstable. He will be flown there by fixed wing med-star. {Damn, i going to really wish I had got around to buying that med-star insurance}

So, I go home to get my stuff together, pick up my Mom and we head to Seattle. Dan gets a nice plane ride with people attending to his every need. He is settled in and they will watch him overnight. In the morning probably another endoscope then see if the other procedure is needed. Most likely will be.

Will contact his cancer doctor here to let her know. No idea how long we will be here. Hopefully not long. Hopefully they will fix the problem and he can go home in a few days. We are just taking each moment at a time.

Thank you to everyone who is helping out with anything. Keep in touch. When I get this bill we might be accepting donations.

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