Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life Goes On

I was overwelmed by the turn out for Dan's funeral yesterday. Almost every Franklin county patrol car, all of district five's apparatous, Patriot Gaurd. I'm guessing around 400 people.

Today was hard for me. I just try to keep busy so my mind has no time to think. I feel a peace and calmness. I felt such a spirit during the services. The spirit was bearing testimony to me of the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. It will be hard, but I will be ok. I am eagerly anticipating being reunited with Dan some day.


  1. It really was quite a site. I'm pretty sure I've never seen the Burbank chapel/gym that full before.
    The talks were great and I liked hearing things about Dan and your family I didn't know before. Spend a lot of time at the Temple. That's sure to help too. =) Get Kris on the ball to go with you...

  2. Happy Birthday SAM!! You continue to be in our prayers. The talks and songs at Dan's service were comforting. It's been a while since I heard Turk sing.