Thursday, October 18, 2012

day after

So I took Max yesterday. The girl was not having a good moment. Which is O.K. She has earned the right to feel how she wants. Max was on very good behavior. He interacted with the other kids a bit. One cousin even sang him a song. Then wondered what that yucky smell was. I suggested it was maybe Max's breath. He came and smelled his breath and said yup it was. How funny. Max wasn't even offended. We should all be more like Max. Had a good visit with the girl's mom. She seems to be holding up, well. I use to play that disguise also. If we are needed we will return. Maybe the other kids can come out sometime and see my alpacas.


  1. Your alpacas are fun.
    Sorry she wasn't up to visiting Max. I hope you are able to try again. =(

  2. Way to reach out! I'm sure Max had a ball!