Friday, October 26, 2012

Tree Party

Last Saturday I had a work party at my house. I invited family and friends. People came at 4:00 and we all went to work on my tree line. Along the edge of my property I have a long line of trees. Every time the wind blows twigs, sticks and branches fall off. Then I get to play my not favorite game of pick up sticks. {need to teach my dog how to play this game} To say the least, the trees need some major work. So I decided to invite people to come help me. And people came! We had Ken's pole saw and my chain saw and lots of rakes and pruners. Plus my tractor to push all the trimmings over to a big pile in open spot of field next door. Everyone worked really hard. We got A LOT done. Afterwards I had grilled hot dogs for them and everyone brought a potluck dish. I think it was a good time. There is still work to do on these trees but we got a good start and made a good sized dent in the job. Now I can keep up on what has been done and maybe do some on my own with the rest. Picture is of some huge parts of a tree that fell one night in July. It fell in the only spot on the whole place where it would not hurt anything but dirt! That's what happens when you pay your tithing..............

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