Friday, October 12, 2012

Today is Friday. It has been a good week. Jacob went and got my hay for me yesterday. Wish he would have paid for it for me. Oh well, can't have everything. I better be grateful for what I get. Now to get it unloaded. No rush on that, but it is suppose to rain. So I will just park my pickup and trailer in the pole building. Ha, ha fooled Mother Nature this time. Wow, to catch up on the last two years. I will have to do it a bit at a time. For starters, I am doing O.K. Have had bad days and good days. The good days do now out number the bad. During Sunday School one day something that was said got me thinking. I had been having a not happy week. Don't know why really. Just really feeling down and sorry for myself. Something that was said during the lesson {I don't even remember what it was exactly} got me thinking.. I am in charge of how I feel and react to things. I decided I did not like the way I was feeling and wanted to be happy. So, I quit feeling down and blue. I'm not saying I am happy all the time, but this has helped a lot. I know I didn't want to feel like I had felt that week any more. At times I can feel the fog trying to come over me. I try to push it back. It isn't gone. I can feel it lingering there, but if I refuse to recognize it and let it in some day it will go away for good. Both my in-laws have passed away. My father-in-law on May 10 2011 and my mother-in-law on Dec. 23 2011. My oldest son Kris got married {I know I'm still in shock too} on August 1 2012. Jacob has bought a house. {Nicer than mine. Something is wrong with this} Both are doing well and seem happy. They help me out a lot. I am always busy. I work hard so I can play hard. Always something to do around my place. And now I have my place and my in-laws place to take care of. Keeps me very busy but, when I do go play and have fun I do it very well!!!!

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  1. What a busy two years! Attitude really IS everything. =)